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Top Rated Handicappers – Best Handicappers in the World 

We review dozens of handicappers and there are always new experts arriving on the scene.  The truth is, there is no one-size-fits all handicapper.  Each highly rated expert has strengths and weaknesses which is why we created the now legendary free RideTheHotHand email newsletter where we TELL you which capper and which play gives you the best chance of success every day.  Nonetheless, there are some constants and if you choose to follow a single handicapper or a select few handicappers. We have compiled our list of the top 10 handicappers based on a mix of long term results, recent success and big game/big money winners. Excellence in football and basketball are weighed heavier than hockey and baseball numbers. Below is the definitive list of the world’s best sports handicappers.

UPDATED Top 10 Handicappers for 2017

10. Rocky’s Lock Club Rocky’s is a team of handicappers that pools their resources to release the best possible picks to their clients. Rocketman leads the team and handicaps each sport. He picks 3 top handicappers for each sport to join him and make up the team of 4. Depending on how many of them agree on a play dictates what gets released. Sounds complicated right? Well we don’t really care how they come up with their picks as long as they keep winning. Rocky’s main money sport is basketball but they also do very well in hockey and baseball. In the last 4 years Rocky’s Lock Club has a winning percentage of 55% and has won their clients over $140,000. Definitely worthy of our list.

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9. Trev Rogers – When it comes to football look no further because you have found your man. Trev Rogers is one of the best football handicappers on the planet, period. He is our only back to back football handicapping champion, finishing #1 in 2012 and 2013. It seemed he got a little annoyed with being called a “Football Handicapper” because in 2014 he upped the ante and went out and won the all around handicapping championship. If that stigma of being a “football only handicapper” wasn’t crushed then it certainly is now. As he continues to be one of the best Football handicappers in the business he has continued having success in other sports as well. Since 2016 Trev has hit 55% of his basketball picks and almost 59% of his baseball picks.

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8. Jim Feist – Jim Feist has been a big time bettor and sports handicapper since the 70’s. He has tons of experience and everyone wants a piece. He has regularly appeared on TV and radio, coauthored a football betting book and writes for websites, blogs and magazines. If someone wants insights from a top sports handicapper he’s one their first calls. Now if you’re thinking Jim is too old or washed up, think again. He seems to be getting better with age as he is one of the hottest handicappers in the business at the moment. In the last calendar year Jim Feist has hit on over 55% of all of his sports picks, to the tune of almost 80 thousand dollars. It seems Jim’s golden years have been extremely profitable for his followers.

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7. Scott Rickenbach Scott has been a professional bettor for over 20 years and a pro handicapper for over 10. He has been highly respected by his peers with numerous top 5 finishes in prestigious national handicapping contests. As a certified public accountant Scott knows numbers better than the majority of sports cappers. He finds weak lines compared to his own and those become his plays. His money management skills are exceptional and he passes them on to his followers to maximize everyone’s profits. Since 2016 he has become a true all around handicapper. In the last year he is hitting over 57% of plays on football and basketball as well has turning profits in MLB and NHL. That has led to over 60 grand in winnings and a spot on our top 10 list.

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6. Kyle Hunter – Kyle Hunter is good…. REALLY GOOD. In the last 7 years he can put his numbers up against anyone. Despite his successes he hasn’t rested on his laurels. He’s still a grinder, looking for games with weak numbers to exploit. You can’t have his success without mixing pure talent with extraordinary drive and work ethic. In his career he has won handicapping titles in NFL, NHL and NCAAB along with a #2 finish in College Football. When we update this list Kyle Hunter is always a constant because he’s ALWAYS worthy of a slot. In the last 6 years Kyle has won his clients over $130,000. In the last year alone he’s hit 55% for over 45 grand. Kyle Hunter is the definition of consistency.

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