NBA Cappers Crushing It

The Coldest All Star weekend in memory is a now in the rearview mirror. It’s time to get serious about making some bank before the playoffs start in April. That’s only 2 months of games left before the real season begins. Making money betting on the NBA is going to be even harder down the stretch. Coaches for the better teams are going to start resting players to keep them fresh for the playoffs. Teams that have no shot are going to start tanking for draft position. If you are thinking of following one of the Best NBA Handicappers (we know you are or you wouldn’t be here) Then we are here like always to remind you of the Top NBA handicappers that crushed before the all star break.

1. Stephen Nover

Stephen Nover is always one of the best handicappers on the planet. We make sure to keep track of him in all sports because his hot streaks last longer than most. Well he’s in the middle of one of those hot streaks. Leading up to the all star break he was absolutely on fire. He went 29-14 in his last 43 games for a win percentage of 67%. His 30 day all sports subscription is $299. If you bought that in the last month as a $100 a game bettor you would of profited a thousand dollars in just The NBA alone. A $500 a game bettor would of profited 6 grand.

2. Rocky’s Lock Club

Rocky’s Lock has been the best NBA handicapper all season. They’ve got the inside track to win the Top rated NBA handicapper this season. If they keep Hitting 63 percent of their picks for the rest of season they will definitely finish first. Dime betting clients have made over 20 grand off their picks so far this season. If you’re serious about making some money down the stretch we recommend buying all their picks through the Finals for $499. If they keep winning at the clip they have all season it’ll be money well spent.

3. Zack Cimini

Zack Cimini is quickly climbing into the upper echelon of sports handicapping royalty. This guy just keeps making money. He had a slow start to this NBA season but has been making up for lost time as of late. He has been crushing it to climb into the top 5 of NBA handicappers. We have this funny feeling his run of hitting 58% of his games isn’t going to stop anytime soon and he may just be the champ when the smoke clears. Get a all sports 30 day subscription and you will also enjoy his NHL picks. He’s one of the top cappers in that sport also.

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