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Whether you are a seasoned veteran of buying sports picks to make money or are about to dip your toe in the water for the first time, you have come to the right place. We find the premium expert sports picks by top rated handicappers most likely to hit on any given day.  If you aren’t utilizing this site, you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table.  Follow our recommendations for free, by signing up for our free email service.

Put simply; Every day there are dozens of sports handicappers that run the table or hit their “best bet” while many more fail.  Are you following the right advice?

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What can RideTheHotHand.com do for me?

We not only review nearly the best handicapper, but we also tell you when to use their plays based on optimal timing, historical trends, personal information, and a wealth of experience with nearly every picks service.   If you decide to follow our capper recommendations, simply sign up for our free email newsletter and receive 2-4 messages a week . If you prefer the do-it-yourself option,  check out our top rated handicappers page or our best handicapping service article.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is 100% free to our readers.  The handicappers generally charge for their picks but if you choose to buy any, your payment would go directly to the handicapper or the site that sells their picks.

How do you determine which picks from which experts are best for  each day?

It is a relatively complicated process.  We actually use a formula to filter out handicappers based on pre-defined criteria.  Our logarithm includes variables such as sport, record, relative “hotness”, the cappers’ own rating, and a few other proprietary factors.  Our team also uses editorial discretion at times, but only when the set criteria has been met.

How do you decide which handicappers to review?

Firstly, we only bother to review handicappers that have documented, honest records posted.  We have followed all of these services and the respective handicappers for years, so you can rest assured we are dealing with real records when we analyze the cappers.  All the handicappers we list sell their picks online where it is transparent (unlike phone services where they can give different picks to different customers).  To be listed on RideTheHotHand.com, you have to have a website or sell your picks on a website that shows every play – win and lose.

Obviously, we cannot list every single person that claims to be a pro, so we do the research to see who these people are and what they are all about.  We also do not list handicappers that do not rate at least a “6” on our rating scale.  This was not an easy decision because it is tempting to expose the frauds.  That said, we made an executive decision to keep this site about winning, not whining.

Who writes your reviews?  

All reviews are either written by or edited by Michael Fishman, the founder and president of RideTheHotHand.com.  Michael has been involved in the online sports picks industry since it’s inception and is known for both a wealth of knowledge about sports betting and an insiders view into the world of professional handicappers (touts).

How do you Rate Handicappers?

It’s based on a scale of 1-10 ( although we do not list handicappers that rate under 6).  A multitude of factors go into the rating such as longevity, records,

Do you review online sportsbooks?

We are not a sportsbook review site but we obviously know which books pay and have fair odds.  Right now we are recommending  5Dimes.com because of their killer odds and timely payment.