2022 NHL Playoffs Betting Picks

2021-2022 NHL Season Premium Betting Picks

The 2021-2022 NHL season is in full swing and we are rejoicing along with all true NHL Bettors. This season is one of the most anticipated seasons in memory. After the 2020 season was interrupted and the 2021 season was shortened with few fans due to Covid, this season will be the first season with any sense of normalcy in over 2 years. The 82 game schedule is back, the fans are back and the regular division and conference schedules are back. Obviously, Covid is still out there so there will be some teams that have outbreaks but the NHL season will not pause and that’s great for NHL Bettors.

Now when it comes to the contenders for the Stanley Cup the conversation has to start with the two-time defending champs The Tampa Bay Lightning. It won’t be easy for The Lightning to get back though as The Florida Panthers, The Carolina Hurricanes, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and others will try to knock them off. In the Western Conference, The top teams thus far are The Edmonton Oilers, The St Louis Blues, and The Calgary Flames. But it’s a long season so we are ready for some whacky things.

When it comes to betting, many people overlook betting on hockey. The beginning of the season is dwarfed by football and in the second half, the NBA and the College Basketball tournament get most of the betting world’s dollars. We’re here to tell you if you aren’t betting on NHL Hockey you are missing out on the potential to make a lot of money. In fact, our Top 10 NHL Handicappers from last season would have combined to make $500 a game bettors over $80,000. That is an insane number to think about. On our 2021-2022 NHL Season Premium Betting Pick Page you will find every NHL Picks our handicappers release for the entire season. If you would like to see Free NHL Betting Picks Click Here

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