Soccer Betting Guide For The Novice Bettor

Soccer Betting Guide For The Novice Bettor

Out of all of the different sports to bet on soccer is arguably the most difficult one for Americans. First off not many Americans bet on or even watch soccer until the World Cup or European Championship rolls around so there isn’t as much information on it in the States as the other sports. Well like any sport there is money to be made betting on soccer but first you have to know what you are doing. So here is a quick guide on how to bet on soccer to get you going. (Team in Bold is the favorite)

Bets are final after regulation

Unlike most sports Americans bet on, a soccer bet is over after regulation which of course includes stoppage time added on by the referee. If it is tournament play like the knockout rounds of the World Cup, overtime is not including in the final results of the bet.

3 Way Moneyline

If you have watched any soccer in your life you know that draws are very common and when all bets are final after regulation even when one team must advance in a tournament that makes them even more common. The 3 way moneyline allows you to bet on Team A, Team B or a draw. So it would look something like this.

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In this scenario you would have to bet $145 on Spain to win $100, You would bet $100 on England to win $300, and if you bet on the game to end tied you would bet $100 to win $250. If these teams were playing a World Cup match in the knockout rounds and the game went to overtime the bet of a draw +250 would be the winning bet no matter who won in OT.

Betting the Spread or “Goal Line”

Similar to betting on Football, basketball or hockey there is a spread that can be wagered on. The spread or “goal line will typically be .5 or 1. But depending on a match with a prohibitive favorite it can go much higher. Let’s look at an example in a hypothetical World Cup Match.

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In this scenario the Brazilians are favored by 1.5 goals. If you bet on Brazil they would have to win by 2 or more goals to win the bet. You have to bet $130 to win $100 on Brazil. If you bet on the underdog Americans they would have to win, draw or lose by a single goal to win the match. You would win $120 for every $100 you risk. If the spread is an even number like -1 or -2 a push comes in to play where all bets are returned.

Total Betting

Betting the total is similar to betting any other total and closely resembles baseball and hockey. Totals in soccer generally fall between the 2 and 3 goal range but could be higher or lower in rare cases. Here’s a hypothetical total in a match between Argentina and Chile.

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This scenario is pretty straight forward. If you bet the Over, the teams have to combine for 3 or more goals. You would have to risk $115 to win $100 on the Over. If you bet the Under the the teams have to combine for 2 or less goals for you to win. You would win $105 for every $100 bet in this scenario. If the total is a whole number like 3 then a push come in to play. If the game ends 2-1 or 3-0 all bets are returned. If the total is 3 and it goes to overtime tied at 1-1 the bet is paid out at the end of regulation, therefore Under tickets would cash.



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