Top College Basketball Handicappers

Top College Basketball Handicappers

The College Basketball regular season is winding down and for those of you who think the money making opportunities are over because football season is over you couldn’t be more wrong. To be honest with you the top basketball handicappers are crushing their counterparts from the NFL’s top cappers ranks. That’s right, everyone loves betting on the NFL but if you like money, betting on NCAA Basketball is the way to go. There’s a simple reason to all of this. There are just way too many games everyday for the linesmakers to put out the right lines on all of them. The best basketball cappers can go through the dozens of games everyday and find those weak lines that the public can’t. Now is the time to sign up for a month of picks from the top guys because that will take you to the beginning of the NCAA Tournament and give you a nice bankroll to go into the tournament with. Here a 3 guys who have just been crushing it while you weren’t paying attention. 2 of the handicappers are very picky about which games they put out, looking for those weakest of lines to exploit. The other one puts out tons of games. Click on capper to learn more

1. Teddy Davis

Teddy Davis has quite simply been the best college basketball handicapper all season. Month after month he’s just been making money for his followers. Teddy has an incredible season win percentage of 61 percent, going 98-62. If you’ve been following him all season as a $100 bettor you would have profited $3,136. If your a $500 bettor…. an incredible $15,680.

2. Chip Chirimbes

Chip Chirimbes has always been one our favorite cappers because of his ability to win in all sports. We expected him to do well this college season but he’s even topped our expectations. Chip is 95-63 this season (60%) He’s won his dime bettors an unbelievable amount of cash this season. $27,390… yes almost 30 grand. Try Chip’s fully GUARANTEED 3 pack of NCAAB best bet winners package for $79.00.

3. Bob Harvey

If you’re one of those bettors who prefers quantity then you’ve found your man. Bob releases a ton of picks and he hits on an incredible amount. He’s released over 500 picks this college season and has hit on 55% of them. That’s made his nickel betting clients over 13 thousand dollars this year.

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