5 College Football Handicappers That Will Make You $$$$$$


College Football is back! After a long summer of sports purgatory the time is upon us. Tailgating is in full force with the smell of food on the grill, the sound of the band in the air, the feeling of an ice cold beer in your hand, and of course the thoughts of dollar signs dancing in your head. As this season kicks off we want to give you 5 College Football Handicappers that are sure to make you $$$$$. Check back weekly for The Hottest Handicappers lists. (Click on the handicapper for their official Ridethehothand.com review)


Not only did Trev finish 2014 as the number 1 ranked handicapper on our site, he’s the only handicapper to score back to back football handicapper titles (2012 and 2013). From 2012-2014 Trev went an unbelievable 232-157 for an Amazing winning percentage of 60%. That is truly seems unbelievable but Believe it because it”s all documented. You can’t afford not to follow Trev Rogers to be honest with you, especially with his discounted low prices of a $339.95 monthly pass (Which includes NFL and MLB picks), The full season of College Football for $897.00 or our HIGHLY recommended 365 day all sports package of Trev Rogers of $1,197. You get every pick of Trev’s until the start of the 2016 College season and it’s guaranteed to turn a profit.


Art Aronson is a money making machine. He was the #1 college handicapper of 2013 making is dime betting clients over 35 thousand dollars and has hit over 57% of his games the last 2 seasons. Art is a little more on the expensive side but if you want premium results sometimes you have to pay premium prices and Art always produces premium results. He does offer a wide array of single game picks for $50 or  a 3 pack for $125 but if you are serious about investing in a professional handicapper then we suggest you get his monthly all sports pass for $500, his NFL/NCAA full season combo for $1600 or his 365 all year Art Aronson sports pass for $2800. Art will make you a ton of cash.


We obviously can’t start a 2015 list of College Handicappers that will make you $$ without including The Best Handicapper of 2014. In 2014 Brad Diamond started strong and just kept crushing the books month after month all the way through his win in The National Championship game. When the smoked cleared Brad had gone 95-56 (%63) and made his dime bettors 35 grand. All it took was an investment of $500. Well that $500 full season deal is back. Along with $30 single game picks and $174.95 1 week all sports packages. Get on board with Brad Diamond now.


Rob Vinciletti has a very loyal College Football following and it”s easy to see why. His past is just littered with NCAA Top 10 finishes and he has made tons of money for those followers. In 2008 he finished 10th, in 2009 he finished 7th, 2010 he finished 4th, in 2011 and 2012 he had top 15 finishes and in 2014 he slotted in right behind Brad Diamond at number 2. last season he went 106-73 and rewarded those loyal followers almost 30 grand. You can get his full season College Football sports pass now for $1499.95 or try him out with a 30 day all access pass for $399.99. Rob Vinciletti wins his NCAA clients $$$ year after year.


How can we make any list about handicapping and not include our choice for Best Handicapper on the planet, Johnny Banks. If this list included all sports he would be right at the top. This is a College Football list so he slots in at number 5. Johnny is the 2 time all around handicapping champion and has finished in the top 10 in College Football 3 times in the last 5 years. He routinely hits around 57% of his NCAA plays over a full season. Johnny Banks has some unbelievable deals going on at the moment for someone of his stature. He has the full season College Football subscription available now at a discounted price of$499.95. Be fast cause this price won’t last and Johnny Banks is worth every penny.


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