Post Football Hottest Handicappers In Each Sport

Post Football Hottest Handicappers In Each Sport

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Just because NFL is over and we’re all bummed about it doesn’t mean there aren’t incredible handicappers out there busting their asses in other sports and making a ton of cash. Congratulations to T.J. Pemberton for winning the NFL handicapping championship but if you look at Tj’s numbers it’s easy to see what we’re talking about. Pemberton made over $31,000 this season which made him the highest earning NFL handicapper in the last 9 years but compared to some of the top handicappers in other sports that number doesn’t look as impressive. The reasoning is simple. Betting on the NFL maybe the most fun for the majority of people but making money on it is the hardest. In no other sport do the books have the lines as spot on as they do in the NFL and that leads to the public and some very good handicappers getting crushed. So now that football is over and hopefully bettors switch gears to other sports that actually give them a better chance to win let’s look The Hottest handicappers in the NBA, NCAAB, and NHL. Click On The Capper To Go To Their Review and Picks Page.

Hottest NBA Handicapper

John Martin: This one is a no brainer. After football most bettors drift to NBA and if you’re looking for the best this season look no further than John Martin. He’s been hands down the best NBA handicapper since October. He has hit over 57% of his picks this season and has made over 37 Grand. In the last couple weeks Martin has cooled off a little bit but that’s to be expected in a sport that lasts for almost 8 months. Expect a strong finish from Mr. Martin.

Hottest College Basketball Handicapper

Bryan Power: The race for the top college basketball handicapper has been a tough one all season. We’ve had contenders look as though they were ready to run away with it only to fall by the way side. We’re going with Brian Power at the moment. Power is currently top on the money list with over $32,000 made on the season. He’s been consistent all season and going into March Madness that’s huge.

Hottest NHL Handicapper

Scott Rickenbach: The NHL Handicapping race is a close one this season with about 4 guys looking to clinch the championship. Right now with all due respect to the top 3 guys (Jim Feist, Stephen Nover and Sean Higgs) We have to go with guy who is currently 4th. Rickenbach (the current number 1 all around handicapper) has been crushing it the last 2 months of the season hitting over 60% of his picks and winning over 24 grand.

Hottest Soccer Handicapper

Martin Griffiths: You won’t find another handicapper that releases or wins as many soccer pics as Martin Griffiths. Griffiths has made almost 40 Grand during our current season.

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