Top MLB Playoff Handicappers

Top MLB Playoff Handicappers

October is upon us which means The Major League Baseball Playoffs are here. Playoff time is when really good handicappers are at their best. Every team lucky enough to still be alive are going to send their best lineups and pitchers out there every night. Gone are player off days, gone are 5th and sometimes 4th starters. It makes it easier for great handicappers who have been crushing the books all year to get even better and pad that bankroll for themselves and their clients. So sit back let these guy do all the work while you enjoy the games and watch your bankroll grow from the Wild Card to the World Series.


GamePlan has not only been the Best MLB Handicapper in 2015, He’s been the best all around Handicapper in 2015 as well. Those smart enough to have followed him the whole season have no doubt had a HUGE smile on their faces the last 6 months. GamePlan has released 550 picks this baseball season hitting on an incredible 58% of them (315-234) He has won his $100 betting clients $6,856 this season, nickel bettors almost 35 Grand and his dime betting clients almost 70 Grand! GamePlan’s MLB postseason special is up now for just $200. Getting every postseason pick from the Best Baseball Handicapper on the planet for that price is crazy.


If your looking for The Hottest MLB Handicapper going into the postseason look no further than the #1 2014 MLB Handicapper, Miguel DaSilva. After winning his dime betting clients over 50 Grand last year Miguel is at it again, getting hot at the right time. In September Miguel went 72-53 (57%) and made his nickel betting clients over 11 Grand in 1 month! The last week of September Miguel is on fire going 18-10, that’s 64%!


Bobby Conn has been firmly entrenched as the #2 MLB Handicapper all season. He is 306-244 hitting 56% of his picks. He would be #1 if he didn’t have a slow 1st half of the season by his standards. Since late June, Bobby has absolutely sizzled winning over 55 thousand dollars for his followers. He’s definitely been far and away the Best MLB Handicapper the last 3 months and heading into the Playoffs what more can you ask for? We’ll tell you what, get the entire postseason from Bobby Conn for just $199.95.


If you’ve visited our Top Handicappers page you know Johnny Banks is number 1 on that list and has been for awhile. When you’re the 2x World Champ you get that kind of respect. We always recommend you follow Johnny all year round, his list of accomplishments speak for themselves. When it comes to baseball the MLB 2011 champ and 2013 MLB runner up is peaking at the right time. In the last 2 weeks of September Johnny hit on almost 70% of his MLB plays and made his followers almost 12 Grand. The best part about it is right now you can score the entire 2015 MLB postseason from Johnny Banks for under $160! WOW


Timothy Black has been consistent all year round handicapping Major League Baseball. He has shown his clients a profit every month of the season hitting 55% of his MLB plays on the year and making his Nickel bettors 16 grand on the year. Get every playoff pick Tim releases for $200 or get all of his sports picks for October for only $350. We only bring that up because he’s on a football heater as well. Check Him Out.

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