College Basketball’s Best Handicappers

College Basketball is back and in the beginning of the season there is plenty of money to be made. Sports Bettors along with line makers are putting all their time and effort into football and NBA basketball. Like Hockey, now is a great time to find some soft lines betting college basketball. Besides a few early season tournaments the top teams are basically playing glorified scrimmages until after Christmas when conference play begins. Be careful though. A quick look in the top 10 (Dec 1st) shows Kentucky, Maryland and Duke a combined 6-13 ATS while Michigan St, Kansas and Iowa St are a combined 12-3 ATS.  Let’s go through a few College Basketball Handicappers that crushed it last season. Check back often for who’s hot.

Who’s HOT


1. Heath Mac

Heath Mac is off to a blazing start to the college basketball season. He has gone 27-14 (65.8%) in the young season. That means his dime betting clients are up $6,000 and his dime bettors are up 12 Grand! If you add in his November college football totals, dime bettors won 29 grand from his November picks in those 2 sports. Get all of Heath’s December picks in all sports or his full season college basketball subscription both for the bargain price of $499.99.


2. Bob Harvey

Bob Harvey is off to a fantastic start this college hoops season. He’s picked almost double the games as anyone else but has gone 43-30 (58.9%) winning his nickel per game bettors $5,300 and his dime betting clients almost 11 Grand! If you add his amazing month of picking NHL Winners that means his dime betting followers won 29 Grand for the month of November for those 2 sports alone. If you want every pick Bob puts out in December for all sports you can get it now for $349.95 or get his entire NCAA basketball season for $499.95.

1. R&R Totals

Like the name says R&R only works with totals. If OVER/UNDER is your bet of choice then look no further. R&R also is very picky about how many picks they release. Last season R&R finished as the #1 ranked college basketball handicapper. They released only 90 games all season but hit 59 of them for a win percentage of 66 percent. Their nickel betting clients took home $12,740 last season and dime bettors netted over 25 Grand. Get every college basketball pick R&R releases for the season for $499.95.

2. Don Anthony

Don Anthony is one of the best handicappers around proven by his current #3 ranking as the best all around handicapper. Last season he proved he knows college basketball as well. Don went 148-118 a year ago (55.6%) and won his nickel bettors over $10,000 and dime bettors over 20 Grand. Get a full month of all of Don Anthony’s picks for only $199.95 or the entire college basketball season for $499.95.

3.  Jesse Schule

Jesse Schule is one of our favorite handicappers. We’ve given his picks out a lot over the last year and our readers have thanked us for the money he’s made them. If you want a fantastic College Basketball Handicapper then Jesse is your man. He not only hit 58 percent of his picks last season but his dime betting clients won over 15 grand. Get Every pick Jesse releases this college basketball season for only $499.95.


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