5 NFL Handicappers That Are Better Than You… AND EVERYONE ELSE!


Why do it to yourself? Why go through another NFL season losing money or barely breaking even. It is common knowledge by now that Vegas knows more than you about the NFL. The sport is so widely covered that any “Insider Information” you may think you have, the line makers already know it and have adjusted the line accordingly. Over the longterm most people that bet on The NFL will lose money, it’s just fact. So don’t go through another season watching your bankroll shrink, Follow one of these handicappers, watch your bankroll grow and use that extra time trying to win money on your weekly fantasy teams. Here is our list of 5 NFL handicappers you should be following (click on the handicapper for their full Ridethehothand.com review)


When it comes to the NFL Scott Rickenbach just wins. Year after year you look at the standings and there he is in the Top 3.  He finished as the 3rd best NFL handicapper in 2012 going 59-35 (63%), he followed that up by snagging the #1 spot in 2013 going 66-34. He followed that up by going 69-48 (59%) in 2014. In the last 3 years he’s made his $100 a game bettors $6,604 and his dime bettors an amazing 66 grand! Right now you Scott has some amazing deals. You can give Scott a try for $179.00 all inclusive 1 week pass or $399.00 all inclusive month pass. That includes not only his NFL picks but NCAAF and MLB. We highly recommend you buy the full season NFL package for $749.00. With Scott Rickenbach’s success year in and year out that is a investment that pays for itself many times over.


Jeff Alexander has been considered one of the best all around handicappers on the planet since he scored a #1 NFL finish in 2006. Since that season he has 4 Top 10 finishes in the last 8 years and keeps making his followers money year after year. In 2013 he hit on 59% of his games going 68-47 finishing in the 7th spot. That wasn’t good enough for him so he followed that season up By snagging the #1 spot hitting an amazing 62% of his games in 2014 going 67-39. Since the beginning of the 2013 season he has made his $100 a game followers $4,779 and his dime bettors almost 48 grand! Right now you can give Jeff’s full season NFL package is just $649.00! If you want to follow Jeff all year and get his 365 day all sports package for $899.00. That is an amazing deal considering he crushes NCAAF and NBA basketball. What are you waiting for.


We’ve always been a huge fan of Matt Fargo. How can we not he’s made us a ton of money in the past. We’ve known about since 2008 when we we were given a tip and watched as he he finished #1 in the NFL. Since that year he scored another #1 finish in 2010 and had 2 other Top 8 finishes and finished 15th in 2014. He made his followers over $11,000 last season and over $35,000 in the last 3 seasons. You can give Matt’s picks a shot and buy his all inclusive monthly pass for $550.00 or get the full NFL season right through The Super Bowl for $1,299.00. Don’t miss out on another Matt Fargo winning season.


Not only did Trev finish 2014 as the number 1 ranked handicapper on our site, he’s the only handicapper to score back to back football handicapper titles (2012 and 2013). From 2012-2014 Trev went an unbelievable 232-157 for an Amazing winning percentage of 60%. That is truly seems unbelievable but Believe it because it”s all documented. You can’t afford not to follow Trev Rogers to be honest with you, especially with his discounted low prices of a $339.95 monthly pass (Which includes NCAAF and MLB picks), The full season of NFL for $899.00 or our HIGHLY recommended 365 day all sports package of Trev Rogers of $1,197. You get every pick of Trev’s until the start of the 2016 NFL season and it’s guaranteed to turn a profit.


Stephen Nover doesn’t get the hype of some of the bigger names because he doesn’t really play the part of a super-confident sports handicapper.  His demeanor is more that of a journalist and he doesn’t pound his chest or scream from the mountain tops about how great he is.  Stephen Nover is about as consistent as it comes across all major sports.  Though when it comes to NFL and NCAA picks he truly is special.  His unique ability to find blowouts nearly every weekend in football is almost uncanny.  Isn’t it frustrating to always miss the “easy money” in football?  Well, if you follow Stephen, he seems to always be on the right side of at least a couple football blowouts. In the last 4 season he has 2 top 10 finishes including finishing #1 in 2012 winning over 66% of his game for one of the most legendary seasons we’ve ever seen. Right now he’s giving out 7 days of NFL picks for $74.95, one month for $199.95 and the full NFL season for $899.00.